Overcast Beauty

Like all landscape photographers and other lovers of the outdoors, I crave open space and fresh air, and there are days where I simply like to amble in solitude with camera in hand to see what calls my attention. One overcast day not too long ago I went out to Point Reyes National Seashore to walk the simple trail along Abbot's Lagoon, a place used during World War II for dive bombing practice by the Naval Academy. As life is wont to do, the flora and fauna adjusted and flourished after this trauma, especially after the area was protected as parkland, and now over one hundred different bird species can be spotted there, some permanent residents and other transients. Most are alive although a few decaying carcasses dot the shore.

That day, accompanied by a pair of what-I-believe-were ravens (and lots of bunnies), I found myself enraptured with the plants growing along and within the south part of the lagoon. Sadly, I don't know whether they are native species or invaders, beneficial or detrimental. I only know that I found myself intrigued by the textured surface of choked water under cloudy skies, the riot of tendrils creeping into and out of the water, and the feather corsages floating just above the tangle.

Here, then, a few images from that day.